Benefits and Uses Of Ruh Gulab Attar, Costus Root Oil, and Lemongrass Oil

Pure essential oil are organic compounds extracted from plants with tremendous healing properties. Using essential oils for healing purposes is often called aromatherapy, which is a holistic treatment seeking to improve physical, mental and emotional health.

For over 5,000 years, many different cultures have used these healing plant oils for a variety of health conditions. They are often used for relaxation, beauty care, home cleaning and most often used as natural medicine.

Benefits Oil Costus Root Oil

  • Fight cold and flu symptoms
  • Relax your body and soothe sore muscles
  • Heal Asthama
  • Alleviate pain
  • Improves Liver Functions
  • Improve digestion
  • Reduce cellulite and wrinkles

Benefits Ruh Gulab Attar

  • Rose is erotically sensual & luxurious. It may provide emotional comfort in times of turbulance, enlivens the heart, boosts confidence and brings out one`s deepest feelings, increasing affection and sexual desire.
  • The scent calms strife and gives a feeling of peace and happiness, which ensures warm, happy associations. It soothes and calms hyperactive personalities who are ill at ease, unsettled, unsure or unhappy with themselves or who feel a sense of guilt, jealousy, grief and resentment.

Essential oil Uses

History of Aromatherapy

Since the use of essential oils is present in many countries, it is difficult to pinpoint where the practice originated. Oils have been used by the Jews, Chinese, Indians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans both as cosmetics, perfumes and for their medicinal purposes. Some cultures even used oils in spiritual rituals.

In 1928, French chemist, René-Maurice Gattefossé used lavender oil to heal a burn on his hand. He then decided to further analyze the properties of lavender oil and how it could be used to treat other types of skin infections, wounds or burns.

With this the science of aromatherapy was born. Gattefossé’s main goal was to help injured soldiers during World War I. The use of these oils began to spread especially with practitioners of alternative medicine, such as massage therapists and beauticians throughout Europe.

Aromatherapy did not become popular in the United States until the 1980s when essential oils began to be added to various lotions, candles or other fragrances.

There are also trained professionals such as aromatherapists, physical therapists, massage therapists, nutritionists or even doctors of natural medicine who use aromatherapy in their practice and are trained in specific uses for essential oils.

Essential Oils Now Used In Medical Hospitals

Aromatherapy has a variety of health benefits and can be used in various settings. It is a great non-invasive way to treat a variety of medical conditions and can be used safely in combination with many other therapies.

Many traditional hospitals like Vanderbilt University Hospital are catching on to the benefits of essential oils and are using them in the treatment of anxiety, depression and infections in hospitalized patients.

Five Health Benefits of Using Ylang Ylang Oil

Aromatherapy is something I have recently stuck my nose into! The premise that ‘smell’ has the power to heal has caused me to investigate aromas that produce therapeutic effect on mind and body. In course of my investigation, I came across a fragrance that I feel every aromatherapy enthusiasts should know about. I am talking about Ylang Ylang-the flower of flowers.

Ylang Ylang, (known as ‘Cananga Odorata’ in the botanical world), is an essential oil derived from the flowers of Cananga tree. The tree is indigenous to the tropical rainforests of Indonesia and Philippines, and is cultivated on a large scale there owing to its great demand in the perfumeries.

In this article, I will discuss five important health benefits of using the essential oil derived from this herb. Trust me, you will be surprised to uncover these miraculous qualities of this magical flower as you read on…

Promotes relaxation

The herb contains linalool-a naturally occurring terpene alcohol. The compound has a pleasant floral smell with a touch of spiciness, and is claimed to act as an antidepressant and sedative.

Besides Linalool, there are many other chemicals in present like Germacrene, Caryophyllene, and Sesquiterpenes, which all are potent stress-busters. These chemicals together produce a fragrance of therapeutic tendencies, which can have the following effects:

· It lifts mood

· It increases confidence

· It eases muscle stiffness

· It controls acne

· It relieves nausea and motion sickness

Relieves hypertension

The pharmaceutical industry is replete with a plethora of pills and potions for lowering blood sugar, but those drugs come with their own set of side effects. In the domain of naturopathy, however, some essential oils work wonders to eliminate the symptoms of high blood pressure. Ylang Ylang is one of those oils that aroma-therapists recommend as a miracle cure for hypertension.

Keeping a diffuser filled with Ylang Ylang oil in your home can help promote a general sense of wellbeing, making you feel light and keen.

Facilitates a healthy menstrual cycle

This is something that is debatable, but researchers have been gathering evidence about the claim that the smell of Ylang Ylang can promote a happy ‘period’ experience. Aroma-therapists have long been using ylang ylang to treat PSM (Pre menstrual syndrome) in their patients. Smelling Ylang Ylang oil during periods can relieve some of the physical and emotional symptoms of PSM-those intolerable belly cramps, nausea, and mood blackouts.

Since the aroma is a potent antidepressant and sedative, inhaling it can help a ‘damsel in distress’ cope up with her ‘shark week’.

Treats Depression

In the world of alternative medicine, The herb is believed to be a potent antidepressant. Inhaling Ylang Ylang vapors can provide relief from anxiety, tension, sadness, and chronic depression.

Using a vaporizer to diffuse the scent is a good way to use Ylang Ylang, though there are other ways too. In dilution, it can be used as massage oil that can be applied to ease physical exhaustion, insomnia, nervous tension and stress.

Improves your sex life

Step into the bedroom of a newlywed Indonesian couple, and you can smell the aroma of Ylang Ylang flowers lingering all around. The smell of Ylang Ylang is a potent aphrodisiac, the mere inhalation of which can create the perfect mood for sex.

The best way to use Ylang Ylang for sexual enrichment is to burn the essential oil in a diffuser in your bedroom. The effect is almost instant. The intense note of rubber and custard, along with a light hint of Jasmine and Neroli, causes immediate surge of ‘desire’ hormones, and thereby helps you please each other better.

Mist Fountain & Your Health – Top 5 Untapped Health Benefits of a Mist Fountain

Mist fountains have been mainly known for their decorative applications, however, only a few know their secret health benefits. Mist fountains have significant health benefits in addition to their soothing appearance. Here are their top 5 health benefits:

1.) Detoxification Agents: A Misting fountain produce tiny molecules of water in air thereby adding negative ions to the air composition. Negative ions alkalize the air and balances out the negative affects of toxicity in the air that you breathe. Negative ions have great deal of benefits. They help you strengthen your immune system, and are known to increase the oxygen level of our blood, which in turn has a direct impact on our mood and our sexual drive.

2.) Aromatherapy Agents: Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils to your misting fountain helps you reap the healing rewards of aromatherapy. Benefits of aromatherapy has been known for years. Aromatherapy helps you alleviate stress, relaxes your muscles, improves your hormone regulation, and relieves muscle aches and headaches. As you inhale the “magical” air created by a mist fountain, the essential oil scents travel through your nose to your olfactory nerves. It finally reaches to the part of your brain known as limbic system. Limbic system controls your mood. When healing and relaxing scents of essential oil reaches to the limbic system, it releases endorphines, neurotransmitters, and the “feel-good” chemicals. No wonder why mising fountains are also known as “magic” fountains

3.) Reduce Nasal Congestion & Allergy Symptoms: Mist fountains humidify the air. Your skin is constantly absorbing the air that surrounds you. When you surround yourself with the air that has just the right level of humidity, your allergy and nasal congestion ailments go away.

4.) Enhances Your Sleep Factor: Mist fountain enables the magical combination of negative ions and aromatherapy. Both negative ions and aromatherapy are known to regulate the production of serotonin (a chemical produced inside of your brain). Thereby, these type of fountains helps you “feel-good” and improve your comfort, relaxation, and calmness not only by it’s appealing beauty, but also through it’s functional characteristics.

5.) Visually Appealing Home Decor Elements: Visually appealing objects for known for their stress reducing properties. Mist fountains create visually striking appeal with the color changing LED’s. The LED’s are known for their lower energy consumption.

These amazing health benefits are the untapped resources of mist water fountains. Take advantage of these health benefits and decorate your home at the same time!