Jul 21

Great (legal) Practical Jokes To Play With A Fake Id

Want to play some great practical jokes on your friends with a fake ID? Here are 5 ideas that are sure to provide you entertainment.

The following practical jokes assumes that the fake ID is one which contains the image of the user, and that the information contained within the ID is correct (except for the birthdate and affiliation).

1. Pretend that you are a foreigner student from the University of Bagga (Japanese for idiot), and tell them about your degree in theoretical philosophy. Or perhaps you could create a student ID for yourself from the University Of Kyute Giruls in Seoul, Korea. There is no end to the ideas you could create.

2. Make up a job that you always wanted to do, and tell people that you work casually for a small private firm (owned by yourself of course). You could even create a logo, etc for your business to make it look official.

3. Tell people that you’ve got a real fake ID, then watch as they struggle for the next 10 minutes trying to figure out what that means.

4. Tell people that you work for a secret intelligence agency, then produce about 10 different ID cards with different identities, and watch as they try and work out whether there’s any truth in what you say or not. Of course, you’ll want to make all of your Ids for made-up, but believable sounding organizations. For example, your ID might state that you are with the United States Department Of Exterior Nuclear Warfare Intelligence, which of course does not exist.

5. Put a FAKE ID watermark on the fake ID, then try and sell it on eBay. Novelties such as this often sell well on E-bay.

Bonus joke: Play a game called guess what’s my real identity.

Jul 21

Riverside Bicycle Accident Attorney – Getting Legal Succor

The region of Riverside in San Bernardino is beaming with bicyclists throughout the day. You can also find them in large numbers in the surrounding areas around the Inland Empire. There is no denying that bicycle is never a match for a truck or car. More often than not, motor vehicles strike bicyclists without even knowing or realizing it. Even a helmet-wearing or gear-ridden bike rider is at best, partially or marginally protected. Fatalities are injuries are common when you consider on-road precedents. Injuries are quite customary in this uncertain life. It depends where and how you sustain an injury. A Riverside bicycle accident attorney can help you in this case.

The legal objective

If you are injured or wounded in a bicycle accident, or if a dear one has lost his/her life, you can verily get compensation pertaining to a wrongful death lawsuit or personal injury case. The concerned legal firms in the ambit aggressively shield your legal rights in this juncture. You need to know the bicycle accidents and casualties result from reckless motorists in this sneak of the woods. The authority for traffic safety council/administration reveals that out of the 2,715 traffic deaths in the state in 2010, 99 were bicyclists.

Riding a bicycle is a risky venture and the concerned riders are at potential risk, especially in this state. The statistics tantalizingly point towards a hazardous traffic standard in this regard. As regards legal help, you can find skilled, experienced and qualified legal counsel in the ambit. They help you in filing the required lawsuit. Negligent car or motor vehicle driving can effectuate disasters for bicycle riders. Injured riders can different compensations in this regard. They include hospital and medical expenses, lost earnings, rehabilitative care and succor for pain/suffering. You can also find substantial compensation for

Jul 20

The Importance Of Legal Research

You can arrange to have legal research and writing done by a variety of services. One might think that nowadays in the democracy that we live in all the laws would be easily accessible to any ordinary citizen, but unfortunately that’s not true. Of course, you might be able to do some kind of limited legal research on your own but that’s all. For instance, if you know the number of a specific law you’d like to read, then you might stand a chance. However, if you are searching to find how a genuine law applies to your area of concern, then you’d have to read hundreds of pages until you find it and that simply won’t do.

Outside legal research is very useful especially when you want to research a whole area of law. In case you know how the law is organized, you might try, otherwise don’t waste your time as you won’t succeed. There is only one reason why our laws are so arduous, concealed and complex and it is because it gives power to legal professionals such as lawyers and legislators. This is how they get work which we could have otherwise done by ourselves. Consequently, if you need to understand a specific area of law concerning your business or rights, then you’d better consult a professional who will do your advanced search, or else you might waste many hours in vain trying to do it by yourself.

Generally you can try to cope without legal researchers. Often there are times when you can learn how to do legal research on a certain topic and you might be quite successful at it. For instance, I once fought for saving some of the last wetlands in the San Francisco bay. As our campaign lacked money for legal

Jul 18

Do Courier Companies Have Higher Security For Shipping Legal Documents

Most courier service who make a business out of transporting legal documents recognize just how important this type of paperwork can be to their clients. As such, they do have measures in place to offer higher levels of security to their clients that are shipping legal paperwork with them. This isn’t necessarily security in the form of an armed guard like might travel with a pharmaceutical shipment, but instead measures to help make sure that the documents never get lost, and that the information contained within them remains confidential.

One of the things that courier companies do to help ensure the security of all legal documents that they are shipping is to scan them all into a centralized shipping system identified by bar code. This way, before a package is delivered or handed off it is scanned into the system. That way the courier knows exactly where the package is at all times, and which driver is handling it. This helps ensure the package doesn’t become lost, and helps to reinforce accountability.

There is one service which courier companies offer that is specifically designed to offer the highest possible level of security to those who are shipping legal documents. There are many different names for this exact service, but more often than not you will see it referred to as “in hand” courier service. This means that only one courier is going to touch that particular set of documents the entire time they are in transit. This is an effective security measure for several reasons.

The first reason this is such a good security measure is because it creates accountability. When only one courier ever touches the documents, it means that if anything goes wrong, the courier company knows exactly where the problem was. In Hand couriers

Jul 18

Free Movies Legal You’ve Got To Be Kidding!

Have you heard of the saying “you get what you pay for”? Have you also heard about all of the ruckus that went on over the sites that allowed people to share files for free? Well if so, or even if not, I don’t blame you for being incredulous when you hear me claim that I can tell you that there are sites that give you unlimited access to free movies, and completely legally. Well let me tell you how these sites work in the next several paragraphs.

Free movies is actually a creative marketing ploy, because there are actually fees involved. They can say that though because if you are a member of their site than you get access to all of their “free” movies. Basically what it boils down to is a site that operates very much like a cable company and charges a monthly fee to come be able to come to their site and download movies. They do get to keep them which is the super cool thing about these sites and makes them totally worth the cost.

So how do they make any money? Well they are on the internet so their market has huge potential. They are not limited by geography like a movie rental store would be or a cable company for that matter. So volume is a huge thing they bank on. So won’t people just get on the site for one month or so and download all of the movies that they want and then get out? Wouldn’t they lose money on people like this? Well the answer is yes and no. You see for one thing there is such a huge volume of films is would be hard to download all of the movies that you want in one month.

Jul 18

Convert your legal problems into solutions by Personal injury St. George

Are you struck in a problem and need a legal support to come out of that? Your personal strengths and validity of your points will not be enough to win a legal case. You need a legal support to prove your points. WrightWayLegal provides you the sincere helping hand in this case. You have the points and Personal injury St. George will prove that before the mankind. You desire for a solution in legal matter, Personal injury St. George will gift you that. Your job is just to avail the services offered by St. George.

If you having a complication in your business matter, the injury will be there for you. If you are have any critical issue related to civil litigation, St. George is there to fix it. If you have planned for a divorce or having any disputes in your family, Personal injury St. George is there to give you the perfect clarification. If you are facing any problem while planning your estates, discuss the matter with this injury to abolish all the obstructions. You will get a bucker full of solutions and implementation of laws from Personal injury St. George.

The main positive point about Personal injury St. George is that he thinks about the problem in your way. Instead of giving more importance to the laws, he values your disputes. He takes your problem as his personal one. You will never find Personal injury St. George refusing you from a case. Rather, he keeps no stone unturned to make you the winner. The principle he follows is that winning is the only option while dealing a case. This makes him always positive. Wills and Trusts are the fields of expertise of St. George. He welcomes in you in dealing any matter and he values

Jul 16

Continuing Legal Education Increases A Lawyer’s Preparedness

Continuing legal education is an extremely valuable service to both attorneys and their current and future clients. To attorneys, continuing legal education increases their competency. For clients, a lawyer who has increased their knowledge about their practice is a lawyer they would want to represent them when the going gets rough.

Continuing legal education is professional education that a lawyer takes after they have been admitted to the bar. Many states require this of their new attorneys, others do not; in either case, it is in a new lawyer’s best interest to enroll themselves in continuing legal education courses.

Is it really so valuable that many states require attorneys to be enrolled in courses to maintain their license to practice? The easy answer is yes it is. Functioning much like traditional four year colleges, CLE credit has a set number of hours spread out over a couple of years. These classroom lectures can cover a wide variety of topics that can include ethics; attorney-client disputes; basic skills; professional responsibility; how the criminal justice system works; trusts and estates and so on.

Why should clients take an attorney who takes continuing legal education courses seriously? The reason is that lawyers who have taken these courses are generally more competent. The additional education they are given will provide them a valuable insight that they will most likely need when arguing their cases and on behalf of their clients. The courses and seminars that make up legal education courses will have the most current opinions on the latest legal trends. Attorneys will need this when they are practicing.
A lawyer’s preparedness and capability is what an interested client should be looking for. While they spent studying to be admitted into the bar, and then subsequently accepted to the bar, their education

Jul 13

Guide to Purchasing Legal Time and Billing Software (Part 3 of 3)

In our last post, we mentioned that each of Easy Soft’s software packages are all-inclusive-in direct contrast to your standard legal software package. For one yearly cost (typically less than one hour of billable time), you get: >

Software Procurement.

Complete Training for your attorneys and staff.

Ongoing Educational Support geared towards your practice.

Technical Support -crucial in the event of outages, breakdowns, data loss, etc.

Personalized Service . During business hours, a human being always picks up the phone.

One Nominal Yearly Fee , so that you can plan your annual budget accordingly.

No Hidden Fee s.

Today, we wanted to mention a few extras that add to the value behind Easy Soft’s legal software packages.

One . Although Easy Soft specializes in making life easy for lawyers, our Technical Support Team and Business Analysts can introduce you to further administrative efficiencies you haven’t thought of-and won’t immediately discover. Our Business Analysts live and breathe not just technology-but the art and science of increasing the efficiencies behind your specific practice and small business.

For example, for optimum utilization of Easy Time Bill (ETB) Software , straight hourly billing differs from retainer or fixed fee billing, and both differ greatly from contingency billing. ETB contains special features to be used in tandem with our Easy Trust Software . We set you up right the first time, so there are no errors-only ease, efficiency, and incredible convenience.

Two . We absolutely practice what we preach. Our company aims to create efficiencies for our customers-not just for the first three months after you give us your business, but for the entire life cycle of your software. Take our training webinars .

At the outset, we live-host weekly software training webinars for all products

Jul 12

Knowing Movie Free Download – Can I Do This Legally

The dreams of movie fans for watching movies and more movies, free of cost have come true! There is a web site that comes in answer to their prayers.
**To get Knowing movie free download visit the link given in the end of this article.

Stop paying through your nose for movie tickets and DVD rentals. Knowing movie free download is available will make your day.

The web site offers movies practically free of cost for an amazingly low one time fee. This fee entails users to download free movies for a life time. There are scores of additional features that make it worth while. It gives a 24 hours download facility. There are no limits on downloads. A technical team is there to support when users face any issues with downloading or not being able to find the movie of their choice. It is great knowing movie free download option is available at the touch of a button!

Start saving all the cash you will potentially be spending – on going to movie theatres and buying movie tickets and renting DVDs. Knowing movie free download gives you the freedom to choose any number of movies to watch at practically no cost. There is no restriction what so ever.

Save time that you will spend in commuting to movie theatres and in renting and returning DVDs. Save effort and get rid of planning for theatre trips and video parlors. Go online and enjoy the benefits of free movie downloads. It is a legal site and the downloads are kept free from adware and spyware to make them safe for downloading. If you have no wish to view anything on your computer monitor then movies, TV shows and music videos can be burned to DVDs after they are

Jul 09

Legal For Trade Scale- Makes Weight Measurement Easy, Accurate And Transparent

The phrase, legal for trade scale means, a weighing scale, which is granted the legal permission to be used for commercial operation. Such a scale is used for weight measurement in a manufacturing, retail or trading facility where accuracy in the weight is of paramount importance. The National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) runs a program called National Type Evaluation Program or NTEP to oversee the enforcement of guidelines laid out in handbook 44 of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The program ensures that manufacturers, users and officials from the department of weights and measures interact and cooperate with each other, and implement the guidelines of the program so that manufacturer can manufacture and sell the legal for trade scale for commercial purpose, without compromising the quality.

A legal for trade scale ensures fairness and transparency during the commercial weighing operation because it has a legal for trade indent marked on it. This mark guarantees accuracy in measurement because the concerned weighing scale is manufactured and tested according to the guidelines of the program. To make the weighing process more transparent, the weighing scale, which does not have a dual display unit, is marked as not for direct sales. This latest addition, aims to make it compulsory for all such scales to have a dual display unit instead of a single unit. A dual display unit allows the customer to have a clear and direct view of the weight reading. Hence from now on legal for trade scales, which have a dual display unit, will be used where both end user and customer are present during the weighing operation.

Before a weighing scale is indented with the legal for trade scale mark it has to under go a series of stringent tests. The scale is subject to

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